Monday, July 11, 2011

What breaks yours...

The first house we brought a food basket to and prayed with...
Cody and Kevin

Praying with a sweet family in the ghetto

Desi with a sweet little girl

We think this looks like Kenz when she gets mad....

Flip-flop making party!!

Cute little family reading time
Happy Feet

Special needs dance party at the state precious
          "Break my heart for what breaks yours"....we all know this is something people pray for all the time.  But when you actually wake up in the morning and specifically pray for this to happen, God will do it to you.  We had a great day yesterday in the ghetto.  We were able to bring food baskets to 5 families and then pray over them.  One that really stuck out to us was a family of 4 kids, the father was an alcoholic and the second we started praying over the family, the mom broke down in tears.  We saw her brokenness and tried to pour into as much as we could.  The joyful part of the day was doing a pinata party with all the ghetto much fun to see Dora and Diego be attacked by all the kids! When we were here in March with the "guatemalan girls" group, we met a 12 year old boy named Kevin who lived in a small room with just his 3 year old brother.  His dad wasnt present and his mom was an alcoholic.  He is such a strong boy with an amazing heart of God.  We loved being able to go back and pray with him.  Cody had gotten a great deal on a soccer jersey with his name on it, and Brady had a sweet Nike jacket that he absolutely loved! (Thanks Brady!)  
          Today was rough and God really opened our eyes.  We spent the day at the state orphanage.  One thing that was so hard to watch was watching a teenage girl stepping foot in the orphanage for the first time.  This was going to be her life until she was 18.  She looked devastated and lost...I wanted to go hug her and tell her I loved her, but she was heading into the office.  Another thing that was hard to watch was seeing a 6 year old boy being beat up by other little boys.  That was just one incidence, but I can only imagine what else goes on in that orphanage of over 800 children.  We worked with the special needs kids again...we played soccer, had a cake party, and then a crazy dance part with all of them.  Seriously, as hard as it was to be there and see their situations, it was also joyful to see these kids have fun and enjoy some of the little things in life.  There are about 30 kids to 1 lady working with them.  As cheesy as this may sound, God really broke our hearts today.  It's hard to know that we're only able to be there 1 day this week...we're not going to be able to go back and continue loving these kids and reminding them of Christ's love.  But it is good to know that God places special leaders in that home...there's a sweet lady named Erica who is a therapist with the toddler special needs kids there.  She loves these kids and works as hard as she can to improve their mobility and strength.
         It kind of leaves wondering and confused on what God wants you to do with everything He has shown you.  Hopefully it will put a whole new perspective on things when we get be able to have a new heart for the hopeless and the be able to reach out to people that may be harder to love...and to be able to continue to work towards loving through the eyes of Christ.  
          Thanks everyone for support and prayers.  It's so fun being with my crazy fam!  And sorry if this makes no sense...I am around all of them being the insane people that they are...

Love you all!! XoXo


  1. what a day! wishing to be a part of that dance party next time around. :-)
    loving your narratives, kaley. hugs all around.

  2. so proud of you kk! we miss you back here and i cant wait to here all your awesome stories! love you!