Saturday, July 2, 2011

Love being called "Mama"...

This is what I get to wake up to....helping these sweet chicas get ready for the day!!
Brandon....mi novio (boyfriend)

Crazy dudes....remind me so much of the Holt boys (Someone show this to Cameron and tell him that is his Guatemalan twin on the left!!)
Good Morning sweet babies!!

Snack time...apples with sugar on them...interesting.
Jonathon painted my nails with polk-a-dots because the mamas wouldn't let me paint his!!
    I really just wanted to post some pics today, so I won't say much.  These past few days I have been staying back at the orphanage just playing with the kids, feeding bottles, playing outside, painting nails, and so on.  I try to help out the special mamas(who are the moms who work in the orphanage) as much as I can, but they have everything down pretty well.  Oh the joy it brings me to be called "mama" by all of these precious kids.  "Mama, hold me"...."Mama, fix my hair"..."Mama, take me peepee"....I love it!! I just got done rocking a sweet little 2 year old girl named Abigail for her naptime.  Believe it or not, all of these kids, babies up to the 13 year olds, take a siesta...or at least a rest time.  While I was rocking her, I just prayed that God would give her a strong future; a future filled with hope and faith in the Lord.  The kids at Dorie's Promise are given so much love and are brought up in a place teaching them to follow the Lord.  That is what is so special about being here, but I just continue to pray for each one of their futures as they will not be able to stay here forever.  I trust that God will have  His hand on them for the rest of their lives.

PS...just thought some of you may enjoy a quick laugh....two nights ago there was a bird in our house....we thought it was either a bat or a a huge insect because it was stuck behind our curtain.  Thank God for sleeping pills....haha


  1. Kaley my dear....I am so proud of you and this journey you have chosen. God is using you to do such great things with these little ones, what a blessing you are to them, and I pray that they are a blessing to you too.

    I love you sis, keep posting pics of your amazing adventure!!!!

    XOXO K

  2. a bird???!!!???? omword!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! snakes, mice, cockroaches - ok. a bird - no way. you are braver than i am!
    love all the pix, mama kaley.

  3. Oh Kaley, how I love to see pics of those sweet babies, I think about them all the time and miss them so much!!! Please give my sweet boys kisses from me. I am so proud of you and your desire to serve God wholly with your life. You are bringing Him much glory.
    Love you,