Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amigas Para Siempre (Friends Forever)

      As cheesy as this may sound...God definitely knew what He was doing when he brought Desi and I together to be friends.  She just feels like one of my sisters and feels like I've been living life with her for forever!  It's funny because when we were planning our trip here in March, there was no one my age that was going to be able to go with us.  Just my mom and her friends, Chloe, and Brooklyn.  My mom kept saying, "Really Kaley, I know you are going to love this Desi girl;  there just seems like there is something about her through talking to her."  Well little did I know that my mom was 100% correct.  First of all, she is such an amazing example to me....the way she stops on the side of the road for that 95 year old woman who everyone else ignores....the way she puts her small salary towards community projects when mission groups are not down here for support....the way she knows every answer to every question about this country from only living here for a year....but most importantly the way she humbly serves Christ by being the face of Jesus everywhere she goes.  Whether its the ghetto, state run orphanage, the dump, the grocery store, or here at Dorie's Promise...everyone knows Mama Desi and she loves them back.  It's not like she has an easy and fun job all the time...she is in charge of so much down here and has started building all of these community relationships....sometimes I don't know how she does it.  But I am so thankful that God has placed her here at Dorie's Promise.  Even though I have to leave, I know that these kids will be in good hands with Desi, Joel, and the special moms loving them.  She has this laugh and personality that gets along with anyone!
     Isaiah 1:17 says,"Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed.  Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow."  This verse sums up what she is doing with her life.  I love her and am so thankful God has given me another sister at heart.  Please continue to lift up Desi in prayer as she continues to serve Christ in this hurting country. 
stopping to bring a smile to this sweet lady's face

Desi loving on a little girl in the ghetto

Desi and Nayeli Soto...

"Mama Desi...Mama Desi!!"

Just another one of my sisters that I love so much!

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  1. So thankful the Lord brought you together as friends and sisters in Christ. What a gift He has given the 2 of you! Thankful to both of you for your obedience in Him and desire to serve Him. Praying He continues His Mighty work in the life of Desi as she continues her journey in Guatemala and you as you come back to finish school here. I love you and praise God for this opportunity He gave you and for such a precious friend in Desi. Much love to you both!!!!!

    Mama Lisa