Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finding our home in Him...

Well, as I've been thinking and praying about these sweet children and the amazing people I meet down here, I wonder how some of these people can still make it through each and every day of their lives.  They are facing abandonment, abuse, death, poverty, and so much more, but yet most of them are still pressing onward.  The orphans here at Dorie's Promise may not have their individual places to call their home, but they all find their home in Jesus and that is what is so special about this orphanage.  They are being taught where they can find their true home.  The Bible talks about how we are all orphans and need to allow Him to be the center of our lives.  John 14:18-20 says, "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before long, the world will not see my anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you will also live. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you."  As we continue to learn more about His unconditional love, it will be that much easier to find our home in Him.

I have had a busy few days so will try to hit the highlights:)  A few nights ago will be something I'll never forget.  Desi, Joel, Erin, and I decided to go get tacos later on in the evening.  We had two kids that Joel and Desi had previously given their leftovers to before, so they came begging for food.  We allowed them to sit with us and ordered them food.  They told us that they had to hide in that restaurant at night while their parents tried to sell things on the streets because the police continually drove by harrassing them to send them to the government orphanage if they did not stay close to their parents.  What a horrible fear to have to live with each and every night while your parents are out trying to make a living.  We ordered them milk while they were waiting for their food, and just to see the joy that a glass of milk brought to their faces, melted my heart.  It's moments like this where I know that God is working and has a reason for everything...He knew He would use just us taking a simple break from the orphanage food to glorify Him:) "Learning to recognize everyday miracles and unexpected encounters just might lead us into a life lived on earth as it is in Heaven."

Some of you may find this humorous that I've been playing a good amount of soccer down being such an athletic person and all.  Haha.  We went to the ghetto a few days ago and had a huge soccer American girls verses the Guatemalan ladies....Gringas won!! We also had our weekly missions group pinata party with the kids of the ghetto, which is so much fun to be a part of.  The community in the ghetto is so amazing; even though they are so poor, they work together to help each other out.  We got to deliver more food baskets to some families there as well and pray with them for their families.  It really makes you think twice about complaining on a "bad" day of yours after hearing their life stories and what they have to go through to provide for their families.  I also got to play soccer with the sweetest special needs kids at the government run orphanage....oh my goodness, I wish I had videos of this.  They were absolutely precious; getting sooo excited when they got the ball and even more when they scored! I got lots of hugs that day and loved every bit of it.  One special needs girl comes up to each missions group and says,"Please take me home with you...I'll wash your underwear and serve you beer."  I know that is so sad, but it was also so adorable.  My team's goalkeeper was in a wheelchair and would just hysterically laugh every time someone scored a goal on him! I can't wait to go back to see these kids next week.  They are in need of alot of love.

Then yesterday and today we've done work projects in the morning and stations with the kids here at the orphanage in the afternoon.  We used our lovely painting skills to paint some rooms here at the orphanage and then today we shoveled and chizeled lots of dirt/rock for a house being built in the ghetto.  (just thought you'd all like to know that I was making the Guatemalan women laugh by the way I was shoveling) haha.  The afternoons have been so fun doing crazy different things with the kids here.  Tonight Desi and I got to take our daughters up to our bath to bathe them, get them in their jammies, and let them get some individual attention.  Oh I love being a mom and am going to pray pray pray until adoptions open up here!! 

I guess I just want to encourage ya'all to take some time and with Jesus today and make sure you are allowing Him to live and you and allowing yourself to find your home in Christ. 

OH and just so you all know that I am not as much of a baby as you may think, there was a tirantula in the kitchen of the orphanage today...I literally fell asleep being thankful that Joel and Desi said there were none around here and then this morning I go for breakfast and they have a nice little tirantula caught in a bowl and they showed it to me...thankfully I brought me some ambien!!

<3 from Guatemala,
Home from chuch and just hanging around
a small little glimpse of what the ghetto looks like

one of the families we went and prayed with....and Desi showing off her Guatemalan look(aka no smiling in photos)

sweet little brother and sister

sisters in the ghetto just playing around

my friends from the ghetto who loved making fun of my horrible spanish

winning soccer team!!

Desi loving on a little girl on our way up from the ghetto

Brian and I with my ring made out of playdo...I made him go around calling him mi esposo(my husband)...poor kid

WE GOT A NEW LITTLE GIRL TODAY AT THE ORPHANAGE...Maria is 2 1/2 months precious!!

Desi and I with our daughters after bath time tonight.  We kind of spoil them but thats what mamas are for:)


  1. Kaley..... Thrilled to hear the Lord is already showing you so much about Him. I know those kids everywhere are so blessed to have you get to love on them. You have gotten to see and do so much already. We cannot WAIT to join you in your mission down in Guatemala. We pray for you always and your little sisters want to hear about all you are doing and all of the kids. We love you and are so proud of what you are doing for HIM!!!! See you soon!
    Love, Mom

  2. Kaley...Your heart is the heart of God, and it speaks more than my words can type! I am overwhelmed at the thought of all those special needs treasures enjoying a game of soccer!!! Brad and I would LOVE to be there to love on them, but more than that to see them in families, changing them forever! (Not the children...the families!) We know the touch of a special needs child...they gloriously ruin you! It is a joy to journey with you!!

    Abigail is Ari! Serious! Put her hair in a sprout piggy on top and post a pic for us! Joel and I are about ready to hop on a plane and come for her!

    love and prayers!!!

  3. kaley,

    oh my goodness, i seriously am overwhelmed with tears of joys hearing about how God is using you in Guatemala! thank you for sharing your heart and stories with us.

    thank you as well for the pictures. i love seeing the kids at dorie's promise. (especially "my kiddos" bryan and alejandra - who has sooo much more hair now btw ) sigh. oh how i pray that guatemala will open up soon so we can adopt these precious ones!!

    kaley, the king team will be praying for you and everyone else there too as you continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this community and to those sweet babes!

    love ya girl,


  4. Dear Kaley ~

    Oh my how you have grown-up!! I remember the lil girl who didn't want to spend the nite with Ali and the lil girl who walked home from school cuz she missed her mommy!!

    Now to see you in Guatemala far from your mama and being the role of mama to these little children just warms my heart.

    I am amazed at how God can use a willing heart for His glory and give so much joy to you and the children at the same time.

    My heart wants to sing ... Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Let the earth hear His voice! Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Let the people rejoice! O come to the Father thru Jesus the Son, and give Him the glory-great things He hath done!!

    Take notes for Barry and I cuz you know someday I want to run an orphanage!! Of course, if that's what God wants for us to do!!

    I hope to come visit Dorie's Promise soon to hug on and sing/teach those precious little ones all about Jesus and His love.

    Thank you for being God's feet and hands and for answering "yes" to His call on your life.

    You are loved!!

    DiDi (and B-razzle - as CoCo calls him!!)

  5. K,

    I am so proud of you, and the work that you are doing. I am so excited to see the way that the Lord is using you to do His work. What an incredible experience.

    I think the Lord is writing through you too. You sound so profound. You ARE so profound.

    It is amazing to see how the joy of the Lord is their strength. Always will be. One little glass of milk, one game of soccer, one goal. He is able to use the simplicity of life and turn it into something beautiful for those that find joy in Him.

    I love you sis. I am so excited that you are able to have this experience. What a life changing experience. Thank you for expanding His Kingdom.

    Xoxo KK

  6. Kaley - oh how I love your heart!! So thankful you are answering God's call on your life. What a blessing you are to those you are serving. I love what the Lord is showing you in the simple things. You are seeing these precious ones through His eyes. How I wish Brooklyn and I were heading down on a plane today to join you!! Please give all of our babes big hugs and kisses from us!! Desi too! We are praying for you and can't wait to follow the adventures of your family joining you!

    Love you!!


  7. i love the way God has made you, my dear sweet kaley.

  8. oh my word girl ... i am getting caught up on your blog (your mom sent me the link) ... what amazing work you are doing !!! you are blessing many and understanding God's love on a whole new level ... CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE ... give every child you see a hug from me !!! love ya