Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alejandra and Abigail....

Here you go Miss Amy!! The other volunteer and I went around doing the girls hair this afternoon, so I made sure to take pics of little Alejandra for you! She is a little ball of energy...I could barely get pictures of her...but such a little sweetie.  She keeps saying "ah-choo" today and then laughing hysterically!  These girls are little best friends and play adorable together!


  1. Kaley - Amy and Brad here - Thanks for sharing your heart with us and thanks for your response to God's call on your life to love the fatherless. Sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking of Ari in pigtails. Tell the people at Dorie's Promise that the Arnold's will take Alejandra!

    Praying for you.

  2. Precious!!! Oh how I am aching to hold those sweet babes!!! Love them and you!



  3. sweet babies! sweet kaley! would do anything to hug all of the above right now!
    enjoy time w your momma .... she'll be there soon!
    love you!
    lynne :-)

  4. Amy,

    I might have to fight you with a stick for sweet alejandra. hehehe! i love that little girl like she is one of my own. isn't crazy how God can do that?!

    in love,


  5. They are precious :) Love reading your stories and praising Him for what He is doing through you there! xoxo